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  • Additive Polyurethane Elastomer Casting Machine (electric Heating)

    Additive Polyurethane Elastomer Casting Machine (electric Heating)

    Ⅰ. Product Classification: CPU The machine is fit for making polyurethane Elastomer products with MOCA or BDO as chain exte nder. Ⅱ. Functions and features: 1. The raw material tank adopts the hot air circulation of electric heating(patented technology), which makes heating...

  • Tire Centrifuge

    Tire Centrifuge

    I.Tire Centrifuge II.Product display:

  • Refrigerator


    I.Refrigerator II.Product display:

  • Mold Temperature Machine

    Mold Temperature Machine

    I. Moild temperature machine II.Product display:

  • Automobile Interior Decoration Mould Base

    Automobile Interior Decoration Mould Base

    I.Automobile interior decoration mould base II.Product display:

  • MOCA Chemical melter

    MOCA Chemical melter

    I.Application Mainly used for MOCA materials in the production and processing before the melting. II.Features: Operating temperature is 100-180 degrees Celsius,the heating time to the working temperature of less than 1 hour ,MOCA will not burn, do not melt and other defects....

  • Steering Wheel Die Set

    Steering Wheel Die Set

    Ⅰ. Product Classification: Steering wheel mold is one type foaming mold using to manufacturing steering wheel. During manufacturing, process foamable resin then directly fill into the mold, start heating, let the heat melt, purpose is to form a specific gas-liquid saturated...

  • Foam Roller Press Machine

    Foam Roller Press Machine

    I.Application: manly used for polyurethane elastomer sheet cutting II. Features: The polyurethane elastomer sheet is lined with a large rubber lined lock cylinder. The tool is cut by the tool on the cross rail. Cutting width can be adjusted freely .you can use with 5-10...

  • Disc Type Production Line

    Disc Type Production Line

    Ⅰ. Product Classification: This round disc type production line is a kind of multi-purpose mold transportation line. It is suitable for production line of few varieties and large batches, such as foaming of automobile and motorcycle seats and automobile inner decorations. Ⅱ....

  • Full-automatic Filler Element Production Line

    Full-automatic Filler Element Production Line

    Ⅰ. Product classification: Apply to produce various kinds of air filters such as round, oblong products and other products of special forms Ⅱ. Functions and features: 1. The air filter height ranges from 50cm to 600cm, and the equipment can be automatically adjusted. 2. The...

  • Circular Assembly Line

    Circular Assembly Line

    Ⅰ. Brief introduction: Polyurethane multifunction annular production line mainly adapted to the one-stop production line work, it can be implemented on the entire process of the whole production line institutionalized, standardized and scientific. Modern society is...

  • Manual Console

    Manual Console

    Ⅰ. Product Classification: Used for polyurethane elastomer product manual console whose cross-linking is NDI/MDI etc. Ⅱ. Functions and features: 1. NDI/MDI prepolymer can make vacuum degassing in this machine. 2. There’s switch valve synchronous control as for MDI and...

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